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Fabrication Technician

Fabrication Technician

Billion Oyster Project

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Billion Oyster Project
Date Posted: April 09, 2018
New York City
Community Reconstruction (CR)
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Fabrication Technician
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Job ID: #692


To apply: To apply, please submit cover letter, resume and 2 references to About the Billion Oyster Project: Billion Oyster Project’s mission is to restore a sustainable oyster population to New York Harbor and to rebuild a connection to the Harbor by engaging New Yorkers directly in the work of growing and restoring one billion oysters. Oysters were the keystone species and original ecosystem engineers of New York Harbor. Oyster reefs once covered more than 220,000 acres of the Hudson River estuary. They provided valuable ecosystem services to the region by filtering water, providing habitat for other marine species and attenuating wave energy. Today, oysters are functionally extinct in the Harbor as a result of overharvesting, dredging and pollution. The absence of oysters has impaired our estuary’s ability to clean the water and absorb excess nitrogen; the loss of reefs has reduced protective habitat, destabilized the sea floor and left our shoreline vulnerable to destructive wave action. The Billion Oyster Project aims to reverse these effects by bringing oysters and their reef habitat back to New York Harbor. Restoring oysters and reefs will, over time, restore the local marine ecosystem’s natural mechanisms for maintaining itself, resulting in cleaner water and greater biodiversity. Engaging students and the general public in this work will build a culture of stewardship and a more robust understanding and appreciation of the Harbor for future generations. About the New York Harbor School: Billion Oyster Project’s primary educational partner is Urban Assembly New York Harbor School, also called the Harbor School, a public high school located on Governors Island. This school is unique in New York City, which has 538 miles (866 km) of waterfront, in that it attempts to relate many aspects of its curriculum to the water. The school is part of the Urban Assembly network of 21 college-prep schools in New York City. Harbor School is classified as a Career and Technical Education (CTE) school and has six certificated CTE programs in marine science and technology. These are: Aquaculture, Professional Diving, Marine Biology Research, Vessel Operations, Ocean Engineering, and Marine Systems Technology. Harbor School recently launched a new CTE program in Marine Policy and Advocacy. All students are required to choose and complete one of these seven three-year courses of study. Position Description: ​The Billion Oyster Project is seeking a reliable, skilled, and enthusiastic individual to fulfill our BOP Fabrication Technician position. This individual will: ● Work with our volunteer program to complete fabrication (i.e. construction of reef structures) to support our programming and restoration needs ● Support the BOP science team by working in the field to install projects and collect data ● Support the Hatchery Manager by maintaining systems related to oyster production ● Document and report on work ● Report to BOP’s Director of Restoration

Essential Functions

PRIMARY ROLE Fabrication ● Design and conduct volunteer-based fabrication events: ○ Coordinating and scheduling fabrication needs with BOP staff ○ Leading public and student volunteer days that support fabrication needs ○ Produce oyster reef structures using steel mesh, concrete, plastic, shell, and natural fibers ● Design and prepare work spaces:​ Collaborate with other staff members to design and develop safe and efficient staging areas for volunteer-supported production activities ● Manage tools and machinery: ​Procure, maintain, and manage all volunteer supplies and production tools/machinery SUPPLEMENTARY SEASONAL ROLES Field Support ● Assist with the mobilization, installation, maintenance, and monitoring of oyster restoration projects ● Participate in data collection activities at oyster restoration projects throughout the NY Harbor Hatchery Support ● Husbandry of oysters and phytoplankton cultures ● Support student hatchery projects ● Pull, heat, and move water via industrial equipment ● Maintain equipment through preventative maintenance ● Coordinate closely with Hatchery Manager and Field & Hatchery Technician


REQUIRED SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS ● Strong public speaking and communication skills ● Experience working with groups of youth and/or students ● Comfortable working at the shoreline and on boats ● Must possess an outgoing personality, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the environment/marine ecosystem ● Strong work ethic, professional manners, and flexibility ● Experience using hand tools as required for carpentry and plumbing systems maintenance; and tools required for fabrication with steel mesh materials such as benders, snips, hog ring pliers.

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