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Plumbing Contractor Services

Center for New York City Neighborhoods

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Center for New York City Neighborhoods
Date Posted: August 30, 2018
New York City
Community Reconstruction (CR)
Employment Counselor
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Residential Backwater Valve Installation Plumber
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Job ID: #751


An initial RFQ to pre-qualify Vendors for the RBVI Program was issued on January 2, 2018. The purpose of this subsequent RFQ is to pre-qualify additional Vendors (which may include general contractors, plumbing contractors, others, whether individual or company, hereinafter collectively referred to as “Vendors”) experienced in providing plumbing contracting services needed in the installation of sewer backwater valves on residential properties that will be completed under the RBVI Program, which is described in greater detail in the following sections. The Center has determined that it is necessary to pre-qualify additional Vendors in order to keep up with the volume of sewer backwater valve installations anticipated in the RBVI Program.

Essential Functions

The Center reserves the right to modify the Scope of Work as necessary for the successful execution of the RBVI Program global objectives. Respondents who meet the qualifications set forth in this RFQ and successfully secure a construction contract under the RBVI Program will enter into a “Tri-Party Agreement” with the homeowner and the Center, as well as a “Construction Contract” with the Center. Successful respondents will be responsible for installing backwater valves and completing all appurtenant work, including but not limited to obtaining permits, closing out permits, facilitating required inspections, completing field reports, and restoring the work area to its original conditions or better. Change Orders shall not be permitted unless specifically requested by and approved by the Center and GOSR. The selected respondents must possess a proven record of full-service plumbing construction work completed within sixty (60) days from beginning to end. A vendor securing a contract under the RBVI Program will be responsible for securing and complying with all applicable, local, state and federal permits.


At minimum, successful bidders will be expected to satisfy the terms and conditions below and to complete tasks including but not limited to: ● Conduct a ”Pre-Installation Appointment” (as scheduled by the Center) of the eligible home to scope out the work. The Center’s Homeowner Hub will schedule such appointments. The Contractor will be responsible for reviewing the calendar maintained by the Center’s Homeowner Hub on a regular basis to see when appointments are scheduled. The Contractor will also be responsible for clearly communicating unavailable days and/or times with the Center. Prior to the first installation, the Center will hold a kick-off meeting to train selected plumbers to view the calendar and to meet the Center’s Homeowner Hub representative. ● Identify and obtain permits and/or required applications or other paperwork needed to complete the work (including but not limited to ACP5, ACP7, LAA, sidewalk work permit, etc.) ● Furnish and install an appropriate sewer backwater valve. Valves shall be flap type and automatic unless the Center provides explicit written permission to install a different type. ● Provide all labor and materials to complete the backwater valve installation and appurtenant work. ● Return work area to original or better-than-original condition. ● Show the homeowner how the valve works, where it is, and how to maintain it. ● Complete required inspection and testing, including all steps required by the NYC Department of Buildings, NYC Department of Environmental Protection, and/or other city, state, or federal agencies. ● Close out permits required to complete the work. ● Attend meetings as requested by the Center. ● Prepare and submit any required documentation to close out each backwater valve installation, as requested by the Center. ● Register in Elation and complete required reporting.

Start Date:

Monday, October 29, 2018

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